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Preview of PSY’s New Song: Will it be Another Hit? Decide for Yourself

One has to sympathize with PSY. Forget the millions of dollars he’s raked in, his deification by the world, or his sunglassed image being forever branded on the brain of a generation after a 15-minute romp around the globe; it all comes down to, What have you done for me lately?

And so the second coming of PSY has finally come with the anticipated release of his ‘Gangnam Style‘ follow up, ‘Gentleman’.

Though pirated previews of the song pop up and disappear from YouTube as quickly as his management company can pull them down, here is a 1:30 preview—if the link sticks—of the song so many have been waiting for.

Listening to the new tune (which will officially debut during a live streaming performance this Friday night in Seoul) the 35-year-old PSY decides to horse-dance with the one who brung him; sticking with another heavily synth-laden rhythm that, while likely to appeal to club-goers when its techno beat is booming from the speakers around the dance floor, is noticeably lacking the addictive hook appeal of its predecessor ‘Gangnam Style’.

Never one to cower from controversy, the new song is full of puns in Korean and contains the lines I am a party mafia! along with the refrain, which is a cleverly designed bid at shock value, I am a mother father gentleman.

Yes, he is saying ‘mother father gentleman,’ but you can figure out what he is trying to sound like he is saying.

Sure enough, in a photo tweeted by PSY on Wednesday, we see a photoshopped multitude of PSY under the heading ‘I’m a mother fxxxxx GENTLEMAN’. Take that for what it’s worth, but as the Madonna school of promotion has taught us, the more controversy stirred up pre-release, the more sales that follow.

In a bit of unintended (and potentially life-threatening) shock value, the original title of the song was Assarabia (pronounced ah-ssa-ra-bi-ah), which is Korean slang used when you’re feeling good or something great happens.

PSY and his management team ended up scrapping that title back in March due to worries that it might offend those in the Arab world. This, no doubt, much to the chagrin of standup comedians across the globe.

Of the new song, PSY told the Korean media earlier this month, I’ve been working and reworking on it continuously… This is another very rousing song. The dance is one known to all Koreans but new to foreigners. This will be presented in PSY-style.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Seoul music critic Gu Ja-Hyoung expressed optimism that PSY’s international star would continue to rise.

He wasn’t just some lucky guy who happened to win accidental stardom. It’s just that the world belatedly got to know about him thanks to YouTube, said Gu.

It will be hard to match the kind of success achieved by ‘Gangnam Style’ but the new song will let the world know again that he remains the brilliant showman he always was and always will be, he added.

Well, the whole world will be watching. Let’s see if they’ll continue to listen.

One more thing: PSY signs up to shill for Asiana Airlines according to a company Tweet. What? No trousers in the photo-op?

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