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President Park Calls For Fundamental Changes in English Education

President Park Geun-hye called today for fundamental changes in the way English is taught in South Korea, saying families spend too much money on English education as the current system requires all students to learn high levels of the language.

Park made the remark during a joint policy briefing by the education and culture ministries, saying that about one-third of the money families spend for private tutoring for their children goes to English education and the government should help lessen the burden.

Park said that she believes that we need to have a fundamental solution to the education reality where excessive English education is required of students. And that some students want to learn English proficiently while for some others, basic levels are enough. If all people are forced to learn difficult levels, it will lead to an increase in private tutoring expenses.

South Korean parents are known for their zeal and spending on getting their children to learn English from very early ages in a nation where better English proficiency, including higher English language test scores, are considered to be linked to better jobs.

Park said that current school curriculums should be revised in a way that make it easier for students to learn and understand. She said the current curriculums and textbooks contain so much difficult information that students are forced to rely on private tutoring.

Source: Busan eFM News




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