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Pinnacle and the Antidote in Busan


The Roots is more hip-hop, Gym Class Heroes is more pop-rock-funk; Rage Against The Machine is definitely more rock. So, when you hear songs that range from “Eve” where the female keyboardist/vocalist emits soothing rhythmic melodies, to hard-rockin’ songs like “The Antidote” where the emcee “set(s) the stage on fire and… let(s) it smoke”, to booty-shakin’, dance tunes like “Love U Back” where they make the White girls, Black girls and Korean girls say, “I effin love you… you the shh—… [and] ??? (I love you)” respectively, it makes you question your perspective on hip-hop, rock music and the stereotypical stigma that each of these genres exude.

The emcee, Pinnacle, for example, usually clad in upscale attire, consisting of fat-knot Windsor tied neck ties, sweater vests and a Cincinnati ball cap or stylish eyewear; touches on subjects of love, passion, art, despair, fear and general life issues without resorting to the likes of misogyny or a gross overuse of violent references. The guitarists holds his weight through unbelievable, mind-blowing guitar solos, the bassists vibrates your soul with grooving chord progressions that go from fat bass lines to fatter bass lines and an amazing drummer whose precision and systemic rhythm help keep The Antidote on time and in the groove.

As the elements of reggae, jazz, funk and blues prevail through the shade of rock and hip hop, it becomes clear that a general category does this band no justice. If you are fan of rock and hip hop, or if you are a fan of hip-hop, but not rock (or vice versa); then be prepared to have all of your preconceived notions of what rock and hip-hop is supposed to be shattered and come be an accomplice to Pinnacle & The Antidote; because they are guaranteed set the stage on the fire, and let it smoke.

For more info check out MyspaceMusic.

U2 Lounge is right across the street from the Novotel on Haeundae Beach. You can get tickets in advance for $10 or at the door for $15. The first 100 people inside will receive a $20 voucher to the Paradise Casino, a few minute walk away from the show.

Opening the show for Pinnacle & The Antidote is Busan's own, Klickitat and One Drop East. Gonna be a funky night of music. Following the show Griff & The Professor will spin tunes until the wee hours.

For more info on the show, which is being put on by Busan Live, go here.




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