Photographer Profile: Busan through the Eyes of Michael Kazemi

A native of Iran, Michael Kazemi has been living and doing business in Korea since 2008. His love of photography has led to his work being featured in several newspapers and magazines around the country. Haps recently spoke with Michael about his art.

Can you talk about a particular image you took when you said to yourself, “Hey, I might actually be pretty good at this”?

Well, I love most of my photos, but I was most proud of myself the first time I printed two of my photos for sale. When I saw them in large size with all the details, I was very happy with my photography skills. Later, I realized that printing photos gives a greater sense of joy than just seeing them on a computer monitor or a tablet.

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea3

What has been the highlight of your time as a photographer when you felt most proud?

Usually, people become happy or excited when their photo receives an award in a photo contest, but I was most happy when I had a group photo exhibition with veteran pro photographers and my photos were there among them and almost all of the visitors appreciated my work. After that show, when I meet photographers around Korea, in photography sites and on occasions, they respect me and try to help me.

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea9

What are some early mistakes you made that you would offer up as advice for amateur photographers to avoid?

I think the first mistake that photographers make is in choosing the right camera and lenses. Second, is the importance of choosing the right photography genre. This can help you progress more quickly. To avoid these mistakes, I recommend consulting with a pro photographer in advance, investing in good lenses and taking at least a basic digital photo course.

Photos by Michael Kazemi

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea1

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea2

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea4

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea5

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea6

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea7

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea8

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea10

Michael Kazemi Photographer Korea11


You can see more of Michael’s work at


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