Pg. Lost On a Six-City Tour of Korea

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SEOUL, South Korea  — There‘s been a lot of talk of Swedish post-rock ensemble Pg.Lost, touring Korea this year on an unprecedented six-city tour. Fans of post-rock are bracing themselves for the biggest Korean post-rock happening since Mogwai filled Seoul’s AX Hall back in November.

Hailing from a country that has long been a heavy exporter of music genres pop, dance, electro, and death metal, Pg.Lost lends a fresh taste to Sweden’s increasingly-diverse, sonic cornucopia. The band devises a ripe, densely-layered, and mellifluous sound from a whole range of alternative and post-rock influences; echoes of Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Sigur Ròs, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are just a few of the resonant stylings that can be heard coming up for air throughout Pg.Lost’s works.

Formed in 2004 in Norrköping—a city with medieval origins and endearingly dubbed “Peking” and “Sweden’s Manchester” by the local Svensk—Pg.Lost are Gustav Almberg, Mattias Bhatt, Martin Hjertstedt, and Kristian Karlsson. Since then, the band has been furiously busy, touring regularly and generating four breathtaking releases, with their highly-anticipated album, Key, being launched this May.

According to their site, Pg. Lost gained a significant amount of press attention due to “an American individual attracting a record deal by falsely using their music as his own.” The statement goes on to forgive the alleged plagiarist, poignantly admitting that “Pg. Lost does have a way of sounding like a deep emotion or unresolved issues, so no wonder a fraction of us get confused, and start mistaking their music for something private.”

Weaving solemn, arching soundscapes that sweep listeners from quietly peering up at the world through its floorboards, to exchanging celestial cannon fire with the sun; Pg.Lost is a genuine orchestra of the heart and a playground for the long lost. Laden with soft ambience and cut with trembling crescendos, their music is simultaneously an elegy for fallen stars and a salute to the new day.
Pg.Lost will be supported by No Respect for Beauty, who record on the Pastel Records label, for their Korean tour.

Korean Tour Dates

April 3: Tue. Cheonan – Dolce 10 PM
April 4: Wed. Gwangju – Zeppelins 10PM
April 5: Thur. Daegu Urban 10PM
April 6: Fri. Busan Rock House 10PM
April 7: Sat. Seoul DGBD 11:30PM
April 8: Sun. Daejeon Cantina 10PM

For more info check out www.supercolorsuper.com

For more info on the venue, check out our nightlife page

You can read an interview with  Pg.Lost, conducted last week during their tour of China, here.

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