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Peace Poetry Comes to Busan

A singularity in the world of Busan poetry has been created: the Canadian born international peace poetry festival has found a new home near PNU.

This Sunday at 4pm, in a sunny, chic, little-known cafe upstairs near PNU, a unique poetry event is taking place.

The idea came from Barbara Walden, Assistant Professor and writing teacher at the Busan University of Foreign Studies. When asked about the event and the theme of peace, Barbara replies: “Why is this strange thing called peace so hard to define but so easy to enjoy, and then again so easy to also take for granted? Sometimes it’s the poets and artists in life who help us describe and define the heavier concepts, and appreciate our moments of peace.”

Barbara speaks more on the urgent need for consciousness raising on the subject, and describes how cultural activities can do that: “Poetry can best bring out the pain of violence, the celebration of life’s joys and the desire for peace. Moreover, it is important in exploring the reasons for conflict – and in the defining of peace – to develop a common language and join in work towards it.”

peacenik (2)
Cafe Haecceity’s resident literary critic

When asked to explain the obscure location, Barbara points out that the bus stops right outside, the subway is nearby, the owner is a prolific and very well established poet and a member of the anti-nuclear movement, and it is a bilingual English and Korean language event. She adds: “New and old to the poetry scene in either language are welcome to join in for only the cost of a cup of something from the cafe itself.”

When asked who the event was aimed at, Barbara replies with a smile and says: “Everyone! All are welcome: contributions of poems, songs, stories, thoughts and dreams, and simply good listening ears are all invited. The audience is as important as the speaker.”

The event is being held in conjunction with the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival held throughout most of the month of October.

Peace Poems Busan

A shared poetry event

4-6pm, Sunday 19th October

카페 헤세이티 – Cafe Haecceity



Just down the road from the SoulTrane/ Crossroads corner.




About Julian Warmington

Julian Warmington is an Assistant Professor at the Busan University of Foreign Studies.

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