Park Says She is Willing to Step Down from Office


South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye said in a press conference that she was willing to step down from office to avoid a pending impeachment vote over a  corruption scandal that has gripped the nation.

“I am giving up everything now,” Ms. Park said in a televised address to the nation, while once again apologizing for the corruption scandal that has paralyzed the government for weeks and led to massive protests across the country.

“I will leave it to the National Assembly to decide on my resignation, including the shortening of my presidential term,” she said.

“If the governing and opposition parties inform me of the way to minimize the confusion and vacuum in state affairs and endure a stable transfer of power, I will step down as president according to their schedule and legal procedures.”

Not since 1960, when Syngman Rhee, the country’s first president, went into exile in Hawaii in the midst of popular uprisings against his corrupt presidency, has a Korean president stepped down from office, though scandals have clouded nearly every president to serve.



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