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Pairs (China):

PAIRS Korean Tour 2013! FROM SHANGHAI @ basement

Pairs (China):

Pairs are a rockin'rambleshamble (it's a word) from Shanghai. Each record on their bandcamp page is wildly different and intriguing. Scuzzy, rocky, shouty, yelpy, all the good things in a two piece guitar/drums band.

"Pairs is/are some bitches and dickheads from Shanghai.
They have taken their broadway smash music to various death traps, both North and South and survived to tell the tale to deaf ears." – Their words.

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The Strangers: Rocking Koreans who get the party going with kinks and velvet underground covers… No Joke : they ROCK

The Barbie Dolls: a two piece trio with veteran Pusan Punkers Semin Kang (Cosmic Comics, Saysueme) and Casey ( Genius) playing all original GARAGE Rock.

5,000 won entrance at the door. first 30 customers get a free drink! cash only




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