Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Dadaepo Beach


BUSAN, South Korea — Along with the opening of an artificial swimming pool and an ecological experience center, beachgoers can enjoy an outdoor sculpture exhibition at Dadaepo Beach as well.

12 modern sculptures by ten young Busan-based sculptors are on display at the access road from Dadaepo Sunset Fountain to Dadaepo Beach until September 19, 2012.

You can see, touch and feel these 1.5-3 meter high sculptures, which include a camel, a rhinoceros, a tiger, a robot and there is even one of Michael Jackson. 

The Mayor of Saha-gu District, Lee Gyoung-hun, said “The sculpture exhibition will provide an opportunity not only for new sculptors to show their artwork to the public, but also for tourists to appreciate the arts while enjoying a day at the beach.”

For more information, please contact Saha-gu District at 051)220-4623

Source: Busan City News




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