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Orphanage christmas extravaganza


That’s right folks, we’re doing it again!

Those of you that joined us last year remember the joy we brought to those two orphanages and the gratitude felt by giving to those kids and having a special day with them, and those of you who didn’t make it last year, this is a great chance to give to some great kids this Christmas.

This year is looking to be even better! Busan Volunteer along with Heerak orphanage and Saebit orphanage are going to have an amazing Christmas along with all the kids at both orphanages!

So, from December 1st until December 24th we are going to be setting up collection boxes and having events to collect toys and raise money to give to both Heerak and Saebit. Then, on December 25th, we will be having two groups of volunteers go to each of the orphanages, at the orphanage we are going to have a play for the kids to watch, games and activities to enjoy with the kids, then a huge present opening with all the presents we collect during this month.

We have two orphanages to here’s how you can get involved:

Visiting the orphanage on December 25th:
Heerak- this orphanage is located near Beomosa station. We are going to need actors for the play, people to participate in the activities and just happy volunteers to play with the kids and help open presents.
Saebit- this orphanage is located near Kyungsung university station. Just like Heerak we are going to need actors for the play, people to participate in the activities and of course, plenty of happy people to play with the children.

If you want to be there on the 25th, please write a note here on facebook about which location you would like to go to and how you would like to get involved, or email or and we can set you up.

Box managers:
We are going to be setting up boxes at prime locations throughout Busan and we need people to go in and collect the presents when the box is full.

Event promoters and well wishers:
Several events are going on throughout Busan and the locations will need people there to help out collecting toys, money and getting the word out about the event.

So far we will be having collection boxes at these locations:
Haeundae/Jangsan – HQ , U2 Bar , Rock n Roll bar , Gecko’s , Wolfhound
Kyungsung area – HQ , Café Radio , Ol’55 , Blue Monkey , Eva’s, O'Taco
PNU – The basement
Seomyeon – Loving Hut
Gwangan – Beached Bar

Our cooperating events are:
October 4th Vynil Underground 5pm – Busan Musical Review take two

October 9th Blue Monkey 8pm – Glow party

October 10th 2pm Art exhibit The Backroom in Gwangan beach

If you want any information on any of the events or orphanages, do not hesitate to contact

More to come as it comes in….

Just added O'taco,

Also will be at the pub crawl this saturday the 10th with the donation jar



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