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Summer has begun... And ODE has your ticket to the Party of Parties this June.


Summer has begun… And ODE has your ticket to the Party of Parties this June.

We're loading up a bus full of our favorite people and hitting the road to Pyeongchang in Gangwon-do for waterparks, a full night of live music, incredible mountain views – even a petting zoo! Booze and food also included… ;)

In association with Adventure Korea (, we are organizing an amazing trip to Pheonix Park Resort… right where the Winter Olympics will be held. 

Get on the bus Saturday morning and arrive around noon to lounge around the water park and get a good buzz on with your drink tickets. As night falls, stake out a spot on the grass to enjoy all the freaked-out rock and blazin' reggae grooves you can handle. 


One Drop East

Sticky FIngers

Missing Jane

The Fastwalkers

Feed the Boats

Black Leather Lagoon

By the way – this isn't just a ho-hum rock show in a beautiful alpine setting. It's a full out band competition! We need Busan to represent!!!!!

Afterwards retire to your spacious 4 person condominium. Yeah… that's how we roll.

Sunday morning, enjoy your free breakfast and catch a gondola to the top of the mountain to pet some lambs. If you've never actually seen a living lamb, they are the most bizarre combination of cute and delicious that was ever created. As half of our band is from New Zealand, we speak from experience. 

While you're up there, there are also some nice flowers to look at… oh – and ridiculous mountain views. 

Also Sunday, there is ATVing available and something called X-ball, which I gather is akin to paintball. 

After all the exhausting fun, jump on the bus around lunchtime and sleep all the way back to Busan.

Tickets are 119,000 and include everything! Obviously you'll probably want to bring some extra bucks for ATVing, paintball or your alcohol habit. But everything else is paid for.

There are only *35* spots available on the bus… so reserve your tickets ASAP.


How to book: Round up your friends and transfer 119,000 won per ticket into Busan Bank #201-12-013653-3 (???). Then send an email to confirming the number of tickets purchased. There is a limited amount of spots available, so act fast.

Rooms are based on parties of 4… if you wish to have a room of 2 people, it will be an extra 40,000 won.


For all information, check out Adventure Korea's website here:

Ignore the pricing quoted as that is for the bus from other cities… it's only another few bucks from Busan.



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