‘Nothing too Familiar’ –Busan Writing Group Releases its First Book

A local group of expats has come together to publish their first collection of work.

The Busan Writing Group has announced the release of its first book, entitled Nothing too Familiar – Vignettes of Korea.

The publication is written and curated by writing group members and showcases the work of Michael Geer, Chris Edwards and Stephan Viau. The authors explore themes that are sure to resonate with anyone who has left the familiarity of home for life in South Korea.

The book opens with The Fearful Fist by Michael Geer, an elementary school English teacher from Indiana, USA. Geer tells the story of a brand new expatriate as he struggles through Soju clouded judgement and a veritable obstacle course of Korean streets in order to escape a frightening situation.

Chris Edwards, a university English instructor from Ontario, Canada, tells a rather more serious story in The Faces They Wore. Edward’s piece explores the collision of two very different worlds existing within Korea – that of a Korean woman whose circumstances have forced her into prostitution, and the comparatively privileged life of a foreign English teacher.

The remainder of the book is devoted to selected works by Stephan Viau, an English teacher from the USA who majored in creative writing. Blending elements of fiction and poetry, Viau contemplates issues including the always present but seldom visible nature of sexuality in Korea, and the complex emotions experienced while adjusting to new surroundings.

The Busan Writing Group hopes that Nothing too Familiar will be the first of an annual group publication. If you would like to join the writing group, your work could be featured in next year’s book. Members meet every Wednesday evening at Momo’s cafe in Oncheonjang to discuss one another’s work in a friendly and supportive environment.

To find out more, visit busanwriting.wordpress.com.

Hard copies of Nothing too Familiar will be sold at events around Busan for 5000₩ . The eBook is available on Smashwords and Kindle for $3.

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