North Korea’s One Party Elections are a Success!


PYONGYANG, North Korea — One gets the feeling that the regime in North Korea doesn’t fully grasp the meaning of free elections when their lead statement on the recent one party ‘vote’ was this:  

"Polling stations are crowded with well-dressed voters eagerly waiting for their turns with many dancing to music of drums and gongs.”

Drums, gongs and well-dressed voters. What more could a Jeffersonian democrat ask for other than the chance to join the party and jam on the gong?

There is but one party on the ballot north of the 38th parallel and the choices for leadership are about as good as they are for a drunk dad at his daughter’s debutante dance. There is that singular consolation, one must suppose, that you can eat the dangling chad in lieu of regular food –which is, much like good leadership, always in short supply in the DPRK.

Analysts said the intention of the vote was to revamp the country's bureaucracy before next year's 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-Sung, the country’s founder. North Korea has also set a deadline of 2012 to attain the status of a "strong and prosperous nation" and the elder Kim is believed to be in the process of handing over power to his son –who will no doubt promise the same.



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