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Newest Celebrity Sex Scandal Rocks Korea

UPDATE 12/27 - You can find the latest news of the scandal here.

UPDATE courtesy of the Marmots Hole: 

“The Sports Khan reports that the leaker of the Miss A sex video has been identified. He’s a Taiwanese-American, born in 1980, who is a graduate of Stanford and runs an investment company that deals mostly in Asia.

He’s apparently tall and good-looking, too. For those interested, the Sports Khan reveals his English name.

He can’t speak Korean, but he has a 30-something ethnic Korean woman speaking for him on the Korean-language blog where the video, photos and general nastiness was posted. Both of them are currently in America or some other third country.”

The Internet was once again buzzing this week in light of the news that a new sex scandal has hit the peninsula.

A former Miss Korea and now TV presenter is the latest victim of the Internet celebrity sex scandal, in which a video purported to be of her and her unseen boyfriend was revealed. The video was uploaded on a blog on Sunday and quickly went viral.

The video was released by a blogger and friend of the man in the video. He said on his blog:  “I could no longer stand to watch [the presenter] hurt other people with her affectations and selfishness.”

The story has taken a strange twist as the man in the video, rumored to be Korean American, apparently lived with the presenter, but when the relationship went sour, the former lover threatened to speak out about her private life. The presenter then had her brother hire thugs who beat and then locked up the ex-boyfriend while forcing him to write a blood oath of silence.

The blogger who posted the video added that the presenter watched as her former boyfriend was being assaulted by the thugs.

Police are now investigating the blogger and the incident.



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