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Sunny and the Busan Climate Action Translation Team
Sunny and the Busan Climate Action Translation Team

Climate Change Film Fest Ready to Roll

The Busan Climate Action film festival launches this Saturday, November 1st with the first of three entertaining, life changing films.

The first Busan Climate Action film festival starts this coming weekend. Including the titles Meat the Truth, Chasing Ice, and Cowspiracy, one of these three influential, engrossing films screen at each of three locations around Busan every two weeks. Beginning on Saturday at the long-time favorite hangout “Crossroads” near Busan National University’s front gate this weekend at 7pm, the other two locations of the festival include “Table Talk Cafe” near Kyungsun University, and “Cafe Bridge” in Nampo Dong.

The multi award-winning movie Chasing Ice, now showing in three locations around Busan

Despite climate change deniers long decrying Al Gore for addressing global warming, the instant classic, Dutch-made movie Meat the Truth (2008) critiques the former US Vice-President for his ignoring of the livestock industry’s contribution to carbon footprint, and clearly explains the reasons in entertaining, easy-to-follow visuals.

The other two movies were made in the USA, but multi award-winner Chasing Ice (2012) was filmed in Greenland, Iceland, and Alaska, where scientists catch the surprising speeds at which glaciers now melt. They expect to see some movement over long periods, but what they find on film is more than awe-inspiring: it is, as one previous climate change denier confessed, life changing.

New release for 2014 Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is the festival finale. It follows an inquisitive reporter asking simple questions about the environmental impact of the livestock industry to representatives of leading environmental organisations. Responses are both unintentionally amusing and surprisingly disturbing.

Festival event coordinator Sunkyeong “Sunny” Yun says she’s seen evidence of global warming even here in South Korea.

“It is a world-wide problem, and I’ve already seen the signs — the consequences — of the process of climate change here in Korea. Definitely summer got warmer; the vegetation has changed, for example apple pears (or peh) used to only grow down south of the country.”

Yun describes the movies and locations as carefully spaced out around the city and throughout the weeks, with a new film at each location every second week.

“With convenient locations in PNU, KSU, and Nampo Dong, everyone can find a time and place to see these fantastic movies.”

Sunny is co-hosting all three film screenings upstairs in Cafe Bridge in Nampo Dong every second Wednesday night starting November 5th, 7-9pm.

Near Kyungsung University all movies are being hosted by Busan Climate Action’s founding member Ryan Hofer.

Asked why he started the group and is hosting the festival, Ryan explains: “Chasing Ice was part of my journey to realizing how immediate climate change has become. The images and sounds connected me to what is happening right now. We’re losing the glaciers; they’ll be drastically reduced over the next decade, and we’ll never get them back. I think the movie does a good job of confronting viewers with the reality of how much humans are changing the Earth, and how scary that process is. Hopefully people will see the film and be motivated to press for immediate changes in their society.”

Films in KSU are being screened in Table Talk Cafe every second Saturday starting Nov 8th, 3-5pm.

Ryan Hofer, founder of Busan Climate Action and host of all film festival events at Table Talk Cafe, KSU, Saturdays 3-5pm

Optional discussion sessions will be held in English and Korean after every screening for viewers wanting to reflect on the films or learn more.

Featured photo: Sunkyoung “Sunny” Yun (right)
and BCA Film Fest fans hold film festival posters.

For more information see:

한국어: 부산기후변화대책운동 


The Schedule

Crossroads, Pusan University – Saturdays, 7-9pm

Nov 1 – Meat the Truth
Nov 15 – Chasing Ice
Nov 29 – Cowspiracy

Cafe Bridge, Nampo Dong - Wednesdays, 7-9pm

Nov 5 – Meat the Truth
Nov 19 – Chasing Ice
Dec 3 – Cowspiracy

Table Talk Cafe, Kyungsung University - Saturdays, 3-5pm

Nov 8  – Meat the Truth
Nov 22 – Chasing Ice
Dec 6 – Cowspiracy



Meat the Truth

Chasing Ice




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