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Korean Food recipes

Quick Review: New App Offers Handy Primer on Korean Food

The Korean Foundation has released a smartphone app that introduces people to Korean food in both Spanish and in English.

The “Korean Food Guide 800″ app, which is available for both Apple and Android operating systems, includes information on a variety of Korean dishes with each categorized according to its main ingredient and preparation method.

“This application will serve as a method of public diplomacy,” a Korean Foundation official stated, “We wish to use this program about Korean food and its nature, form and colors, to help promote the culture to a global audience and ultimately raise the value of our national brand.”

Korean Food App smartphone

Our Take
Haps gave it a spin and found the navigation quite easy. The audio is also helpful for learning how to order various foods in Korean. Would be nice if the app included recipes–perhaps that will be added in later versions, or maybe we just couldn’t find them. As for now, it is a solid primer for getting to know Korean food. Korean Food Guide 800 can be downloaded free of charge–so the price is most certainly right.

 Download Korean Food Guide 800

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