Dan Kurtz of the English KBO site has released his predictions for the 2017 KBO season.

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MyKBO’s 2017 Predictions

1. Doosan – The Fantastic 4 continue their dominance. The Bears bats will hit their way to another title, and the bullpen is a pleasant surprise and is solid.

2. LG – LG is determined to forget about the days of DTD and pitching will lead the way again. The bats will also come around and help carry the Twins and their newly designed plastic jackets into the postseason.

3. KIA – KIA will surprise people this season and actually stay healthy and ride their import and domestic ace’s arm to the playoffs. Choi Hyung-woo’s addition will be noticed right away as will Bernadina’s in the field and at-bat.

4. NC – The loss of Thames and Stewart will be felt in Masan, but with the new imports and a resurgent Na Sung-bum, the Dinos will be ok and make a run for the postseason again.

5. SK – With Choi Jeong and Jung Eui-yoon continuing from where they left off, Trey Hillman will guide the Wyverns into a fight for the wild card, despite missing their ace for half the season.

6. Nexen – The Heroes have lost the Ho Bros and manager Yeom in the past 3 seasons. Nexen will need their imports to play at their best and Seo Geon-chang/Kim Ha-sung to have another strong season for Nexen to even think about the playoffs.

7. Hanwha – Another year of Kim Sung-geun at the helm, pricey import players, and another year that will probably see the Eagles sitting at home in October. Hanwha will need to rely heavily on their foreign players and hope for a resurgence from some of their pricey veterans.

8. Samsung – Last year was a tough year for Samsung, and this year won’t be any better. They have a great ballpark, a legend who’s retiring at the end of the year, and hopefully healthy foreign players for 2017 (after the last few injury filled years). Will be interesting to see how Ruf performs in the KBO.

9. Lotte – They brought Dae-ho back!!! (years too late, but who’s counting…) Lotte will feel the loss of Hwang and rely on guys like Son Ah-seop, Choi Jun-seok, and Dae-ho to keep the runs crossing the plate if they want to make a run for the wild card at all.

10. KT – The Wiz had a great spring, but then again they had a great spring last year as well. They’ll be much improved, but don’t think they’ll be making a playoff push.



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