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Review: My Table Cafe in Marine City – More than Just Your Ordinary Cafe

Among the towers of I’Park in Marine City, tucked in the middle of Zenith Square, where organic farmers, ceramic visual artists and coffee roasters converge in this inviting, aesthetic space, we get My Table Café.

Owner Jay Song is a gregarious Renaissance woman of a host. Busan-raised and Seoul-educated, Song spent over a decade working in Seoul for Standard Chartered and General Motors. Returning to Busan to teach International Office Management at a local university, she then studied culinary arts and pursued her dream to open a café.

While there are a handful of savory snacks on the menu (the organic salad with a ciabatta sandwich, the popular pumpkin soup or the sea mustard noodles, for example), My Table is known as a dessert café which adheres to Slow Food tenets. Almost everything is homemade here, featuring organics and the most superior products one can procure. Song scours the traditional markets looking for the best produce for her smoothies, teas, and fruit-ades (lemon, orange, apple and raspberry). The fresh ginseng milk smoothie that takes days to blend with honey, as many of her fruit teas do, is creative, healthy and delicious.

My Café’s yogurts, made in-house, offer two tasty flavors. There is a thick, tart, plain flavor like Greek yogurt balanced with raspberries, blueberries, red currants, cranberries and topped with baked crumbles.

The other is a persimmon flavor with a subtle sweetness and a consistency between yogurt and sorbet. My Table’s persimmons come only from Gyeongbuk-do, directly ordered from farmers. Another highlight from the dessert menu is the tiramisu made with only 100% imported mascarpone.

Like these farm-to-table relationships, the same goes with the coffee from farm-to-cup. My Table serves In Earth, which has direct relations to bean farms and is roasted in Songjeong Beach. My drip coffee from Nicaragua was smooth and rich, with nutty, chocolatey notes served in a cup made by ceramic artist Kim Sun-mee, whose ceramics have exhibited in Paris and Seoul. For those looking for a buzz of a different sort, beer and sangrias are also available.

Getting there: My Table is located in the Zenith Square complex in Marine City, Haeundae. Enter the building through gate 3 which is located across the road from the IPark SSG Food Market, from there walk ahead 10 meters, My Table is on the left next to the GS Mart  in front of the down escalator from 2nd floor.

You can visit them on the web at, or on Facebook, or give them a call: 051-744-8989

Photos courtesy of My Table




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