Multi-themed Yangjeong Lions Park Opens to Citizens

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BUSAN, South Korea – Yangjeong Lions Park' in Jeonpo-dong, Busanjin-gu was opened to citizens on June 21. It measures 9,252? and is built based on 5 themes – the Lions Hill, the Garden of Memory, Wood of Energy, Sky Square, and Indigo Yard. There is a monument to the Lions Clubs Convention, a wall on which Lions member countries' flags have been printed, and hundreds of different kinds of trees.

Meanwhile, Yangjeong Lions Park will connect with the provisionally named Busan Central Square, which will be completed in December, 2013. Central Square will actually be an elongated green space covering 34,740?, from Samjeon Intersection in Bujeon-dong, to Songgon Intersection in Yangjeong-dong. Eventually, then, Lions Park is expected to become part of a much larger popular cultural space that will include Busan Central Square and the nearby Busan Citizens Park.

Source: Busan Life Magazine

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