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LIVE @ METAL CITY December 9th


Mississippi Gann Brewer @ Metal City

LIVE @ METAL CITY December 9th


Gann Brewer, or Mississippi Gann as he has come to be known in some parts, carries on the tireless tradition of the Folk Singer within the common American Man.  Gann shows a love & clear kinship for previous generations – Ramblin' Jack & Woody (are evident) John Prine, Dylan, Guy Clark, Mississippi John Hurt, Elvis, and Hank (all weigh in heavy) – though he speaks with the voice of his own voice, with his own signature humor and unpretentious honesty and experiences collected from a decade & a half on the road, ranging from the haunts of midtown Memphis & New York City to the steep streets of New Zealand, the seashore bars of Goa and the Virgin Islands, the bungalow's of Egypt and Southeast Asia, Ghost towns in Texas, historical saloons of Alaska and much more.

Gann is a part of a new generation of singing ramblers – living, hard traveling & singing across the oceans, in the towns, from high places and on the fringes. He is currently working on his 2nd album between Memphis, New York City and the road – as he carries on the tireless tradition of the Folk Singer, the common man, the guy next door… and on the other side of the world.

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