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Metal City presents Rhyme Sessions

On May 14th, 2011, Metal City in Busan will present the Rhyme Session. This is sure to be one of the best HipHop events in Busan this year. The event will be bringing expat HipHop groups from all over Korea to create a night that will truly be an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys HipHop music and culture. So, if you love HipHop music and culture, you must be at Metal City on Saturday, May 14th. More information about the groups performing is below.

Headlining the show will be Black Ilumin. He will also be performing at World DJ Fest on May 7th in Seoul. After invading the Seoul scene and earning recognition under the “DBSTK CRZZY” moniker, Black Ilumin has changed more than just his name. Black Ilumin is motivated to give birth to change not only within himself, but throughout the music industry. After a solid year of gigs, recording, videos and collaborations, it’s clear the versatile Filipino/American from San Jose, CA, is righteously making a statement in Seoul and relishing each chance to flex his hungry creative muscle. As the ingredients for solid all-round artist seep into reality, Black Ilumin’s skills as an MC, vocalist, lyricist, dancer and performer collectively gain intensity to now produce what can be labeled as a valuable product.
Casually up-front without being obnoxious, the combination of beats and rhymes can either seduce you into turning your lights down low or to go on some sort of gratifying rampage. Cross-pollinate the fire from a Rage Against The Machine track with the mellow of something more Mos Def, and you’re closer to tasting his sound. Choose from this spectrum and stick it in a blender, as Black Ilumin traverses with ease through the delicious grime-halls of Dubstep and Hip Hop all the way into the overground with House music or quasi-R&B styles much like Drake and N.E.R.D frontman (Pharrell). This unique sound is what makes labeling him difficult.

Da Megook Movement is a collective of MCs and DJs that live in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo area. Da Megook Movement, as a rap group, consists of AC Cutta, DJ Hypnotiq, Stick Figure, and Mr. Worth Green. Most recently, they have dropped their debut album "Listen and Repeat" at a release party in Gwangju to a massive audience and are currently working on thier second album. Copies of the album will be available at the show for 5,000 won. Da Megook Movement combines funky party tacks with MCs from all over the United States and beyond to create a unique sound and perspective. One thing thats for sure is that these guys know how to party and have a good time. Busan will be the fourth show on their spring tour, including stops in Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Seoul. Da Megook Movement’s DJ’s will also be playing after the show. DJ Hyponitq will bring the latest crunk club music while DJ BJINX will spin a HipHop/House fusion set. Links to music and more info are below

Getting the party started will be the famous DJ Chad aka Fusion. A freestyle master is his own right; Fusion has collaborated with artists such as Bigg Run P, Direct Injection, and Park Ji-Hoon. As well as being one of the best MC’s currently coming out of Busan, DJ Chad also is the host and producer of the Mid-Night Rider on EFN 90.5. The show can be heard on the radio nightly from 10pm-12pm.




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