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UPDATED: MBC Under Fire For ‘Racially Charged Video’

MBC TV is facing a backlash from expatriates and Koreans today for a segment on their Think Different documentary news program, titled ‘The Shocking Truth About Relationships With Foreigners‘.

The four-minute, 45-second clip went viral last night and today on social networks across the country, with the video depicting, among other things, foreigners as being AIDS carriers, duping innocent Korean women out of money and partaking in other immoral behavior.

The video has spawned thousands of comments, overwhelmingly negative, against the broadcaster, with thousands of views and over 600 video shares in a matter of hours.

UPDATE: MBC was contacted by a Haps reader, and a representative responded that the documentary was outsourced and not produced in-house.

UPDATE: A Facebook group was started to protest the video by Steve MacKinnon about 5 p.m. local time on Thursday in Korea. Four hours later there are already over 600 members.

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