Mayor’s Cup Surfing Competition Returns for Seventh Year

CJ Nelson , Sean Mawson, Melvin Palmiano and Japanese pro surfer Hirakawa Yoshihiro, will be joining the competition this year on Haeundae Beach June 26 & 27.

The Busan Mayor’s Cup International Surfing Competition is back for the 7th year in a row.  This year more pro riders are attending the largest surfing event in Korea than ever before.  Axxe Korea has caught on to the benefits of bringing over a team rider and has invested in a big name to bring the stoke to Korean surfers. According to Kim, Byungjin owner of Gaviota (Songjeong), distributor for Axxe Wetsuits, “it is important for Korean surfers to see different styles of surfing and see how pro riders can enjoy surfing in all conditions.

Korea doesn’t have the best conditions for surfing everyday but when you can see a pro rider making the most of even the smallest waves, it inspires you.  Every year Ocean and Earth Korea has brought over a pro rider from the Australian team so I thought it would be nice for Korean surfers to get a chance to see and learn from someone with a more retro-style of surfing so I asked CJ Nelson to come to Korea and he has agreed to visit us”.

Not to be left out of the pro pool, Kai Surf (Gwanalli) has again invested in bringing a pro rider of its own to the peninsula to shred the waves.  Following on the success of Brett Burcher last year, Ocean and Earth team rider Sean Mawson will be coming to Busan to compete.  When asked why he decided to bring a pro rider to Korea for the Busan event when another brand had already announced a pro rider, Dylan Kim of Kai Surf responded, “CJ Nelson and Sean Mawson’s surfing styles are completely different and by having both at the same venue it really gives Korean surfers a chance to witness and experience the different forms that surfing can take.

Just because you ride a short board, doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate the skill and grace it takes to ride a longboard.  A surfer might find something new in seeing the pros surf and they have an opportunity to ask these team riders questions and get feedback.  It is an important event since most Korean surfers come to the Busan competition to give them exposure to International pros that they otherwise only get to see on youtube or surf movies.

“It’s an intimate experience and may inspire a young surfer who otherwise had no dream of continuing on the path to one day representing Korea.” Sean Mawson and CJ Nelson will be conducting events, interviews, meet & greet/autograph sessions as well as rider clinics throughout the week leading up to the main event on the weekend of the 26th/27th of June.

In addition to CJ Nelson (Axxee Classic), Sean Mawson (Ocean and Earth), and Melvin Palmiano (Pine Ocean), Japanese pro surfer Hirakawa Yoshihiro, (Breakerout Wetsuits), will again be joining the competition to round out the lineup.

The Busan Mayor’s Cup International Surfing Competition will be held at Haeundae Beach from Saturday June 26th-Sunday June 27th.  There is no admission –spectators are free to come out and enjoy.



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