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Mannam’s Charity Sports event!


The MANNAM Charity Sports Event (MCSE) is hosted and sponsored by MANNAM Volunteer Association. MANNAM is the largest volunteer association in Korea, run by unpaid volunteers.
This spirit of volunteerism was passed on to them by its honorary chairman and its representative who says, “We should volunteer without expecting anything in return, just as nature provides us with light, rain, and air without any cost.”
Under this conviction, MANNAM has been volunteering their efforts and time with a pure heart for the society and the people as a hidden light.

The objective of MCSE is one way to make this happen- to join together people of different cultures and backgrounds through:

-Sports Competitions
-Preparations of Exotic Foods
-Display of Dynamic & Traditional Performances
-Experiencing firsthand parts of each country’s unique cultural activities
-While also taking part in acting of charity and harmony by donating half of the proceeds/ prize money to the Center for Children Inflicted with Harsh Burns and Rare Diseases

And have the light of peace on all of us that day.

[***Competition Guidelines***]

* Date & time: 8/04/12 (Saturday) 9:00~18:00
* Location: Daejeon University “Main Field & MACC” (indoor gymnasium)
* Name : Mannam Charity Sports Event
* Concept – in the spirit of the Olympic Games in London; to be united through sports, as well as to raise money to give donations to those who need healing

[Soccer] * Type: Futsal (6 vs 6, including the goalie)
* League format
Participants: Each team can have a maximum of 11 people.
* 1st place: 500,000 won 2nd place: 300,000 won
* Fee: 100,000 won (to cover expenses for the Mannam Trophy, water, and prizes)

[Basketball] * Type: 5 vs 5
* Location: two outdoor basketball courts
*Participation Time (15 minute first half; 2 minute halftime break; 15 minute second; 10 minute intervals in between games)
*Number of participants: each team needs a minimum of five people and a maximum 10 people
*Fee: 80,000 won
* Prizes: 1st place 400,000 won, 2nd place 200,000 won
(Half of the prize money will be donated to the Children Center in the name of the winning team’s participants and nationality)

[Track Events] * Events: 100m, 200m, 400m (relay), 1500m
* Men and women will compete separately
* Fee: 5,000 won
* Prizes: 1st place 50,000won
2nd place 30,000won
(Half of the prize money will be donated to the Children Center in the name of the winning team’s participants and nationality)

***Registration Deadline***
July 27

[***Performance Guidelines***]

We invite all musicians and performers to the second…
Showcase yourself in a 3~5 minute performance to wow the crowd and the judges~ More details to come soon.

We also welcome anyone who wants to come and cheer for Busan sports teams and performance teams, and enjoy the day together!!

*** If you are interested, please contact
Kristen Hwang 010-6718-0091 or leave a post on this event wall.




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