Mannam Cooking & Picnic!!!!!


    When: Aug. 11 Sat. 4pm~

    Where: Near Haeundae street market
    (please contact manager for more information)

    picnic place: Haeundae beachFee: ?20000 per session.
    (Fee is for the place rental and ingredients)

    We will make.. Gim-Bap(several kinds ) & fruit Salad (picture) !!!!!!!!!
    We are having a cooking and picnic on aug. 11 (to enjoy our food at the beach and also chance to share with others)

    The guests will be other Mannam class members!! (chance to share about our class and also hear about other classes in person).

    Before having the picnic, We'll do the dishes in cooking academy(cooking class place). and on this day eating place change to Haeundae beach to share the food with more people!!

    Come and join with us. It will be great day!!

    Teacher: Chef Kwon Sagong. (Jay) ??? 010-8107-2011
    Manager: Yujin Seo ??? 010-5449-4126,

    If you wanna join or get more information,
    please contact manager ;D !!!!!!


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