Man Arrested in Haeundae for Stealing from Foreign Tourists After Buying Them Drinks


According to a report in the Korea Times, a Korean man has been arrested in Haeundae and charged with stealing valuables from foreign tourists at guesthouses in Busan and Daegu.

The Haeundae Police Station said that a female American tourist filed the initial report of the suspected thief, surnamed Kim, in Busan on April 5th saying that after offering to buy her drinks, Kim stole her phone when she went to the bathroom

Police say the 43-year-old Kim approached 10 foreign tourists at the guesthouses between Mar. 29 to Apr. 12 offering to buy them drinks and then stole cash and valuables including laptops and cell phones worth about 10 million won ($8,700).

Security camera footage at a guesthouse where an American tourist was staying was used to finally identify and nab Kim following an investigation.



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