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Urban Wear

Making an Effort in PNU

It doesn’t take a wallet full of won to look great, and as these four stylish types prove, making the effort is the key factor. Sure, we all roll out of bed and head for the closest chain store coffee shop in our dodgy jeans, tracksuit pants or even PJs (some more often than others) but come on people: try and make a night out a little classier, fashion-wise at least!

For the ladies, the trends of this season are a nod to the ladylike mini dresses of the 60s and the denim of the 70s, and for the lads, it’s all about biker boys and flared jeans, so embrace your inner Twiggy, Diane Keaton or James Dean and have a bit of fun with it.

Fashion is not meant to be taken too seriously, and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m not talking luxury brands and Windsor knots here, but an upgrade from sneakers and jeans doesn’t take much.

PNU, Nampodong and Seomyeon have a great choice of vintage, independent and chain stores, and the online shopping sites like Gmarket, 11st and Auction have some ridiculous bargains. On your next Saturday night, try trading in those cargo pants and flip flops for something a little less “uni-student-on-holiday-in-Thailand” and help make Busan a more attractive place!

Age: 30
Job: Teacher
Describe your style in 3 words: structure, Korean/British mix, black
Best place to shop in Busan: Nampodong street stores or the online store “MonoRain”
Favorite Korean/international designer/brand: MNG, Zara, Uniqlo for basics, Vivienne Westwood if I could afford it!
Do you follow trends? No, I dress for my shape – always skinny jeans and boots with a structured piece and something black.
Your “must have” item: My boots – Hawkins
One trend/clothing item you dislike: Anything shiny! Suits, shirts, pants… no-one looks good in shiny! 
Lee Hong-ju
Age: 24
Job: Retail worker
Describe your style in 3 words: street, chic, classic
Best place to shop in Busan: PNU!
Favorite Korean/international designer/brand: Don’t care about designers or brands, I’m just interested in what looks good.
Do you follow trends? Not really, but this season I like the mix of baggy and skinny items.
Your “must have” item: Timberland boots
One trend/clothing item you dislike: I hate anything too casual or sporty.

Age: 32
Job: Teacher
Describe your style in 3 words: Denim, country/western mixed with Korean style
Best place to shop in Busan: Nampodong, Migliore in Seomyeon for unique pieces. Online – GMarket
Favorite Korean/international designer/brand: I love Korean brand Gengy House or Westwood if money was no object!
Do you follow trends? No, I just wear what works for me – what suits me. The skinny jean movement didn’t work for me, so I passed it by.
One piece of clothing you can’t live without: My denim cowhide jacket
One trend/clothing item you dislike: A lack of effort bothers me. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a hoodie can look good – just make an effort!


Eugene Han
Job: Online clothing store owner ( and keyboardist for Lady Goodman.
Describe your style in 3 words: mix-match, feminine, vintage
Best place to shop in Busan: Nampodong vintage stores
b: Johnny Hates Jazz
Do you follow trends? Sometimes I follow the trends, but most of the time I choose my own style.
Your “must have” item: My favorite necklace: a small heart-shaped pendant on a long chain.
One trend/clothing item you dislike: Nothing really. I’m interested in all kinds of fashion.



























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