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hi will have making cupcake event

Making Cupcake gathering

hi will have making cupcake event

finally!!! lm gonna organize the meeting called "who is into sweets~!!!"

if anyone intrested in this event, comment here, because i need to figure out

how many people gonna join, so if you wanna join,

comment like this on : Alison/4 or 8 cupcake chocolate 

 u must let me know before 10/20  12:00


cupcake -> 4 -?8.000

                    8 -?12.000

                   decoration  +(     ?     )

                   (cake type – chocolate, mint chocolate,blueberry,chesse,moca.walnut.coconut)


date:2013/10/20  3pm

location: Seo-Myun judis teahwa front door


(you will pay your own cake.)

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