Lotte Giants Open 2017 Season Against NC Dinos


The Lotte Giants and the NC Dinos, two professional baseball teams based in Busan and Gyeongnam respectively, will be facing one another in the opening game of the regular season next year.

KBO said that next year’s regular season will begin on March 31st and that each team will have 144 games.

For the opening games of the next regular season, the first and the sixth place teams, the second and the seventh place teams, the third and the eighth place teams, the 4th and the 9th, and the 5th and the 10th will be facing off against one another according to each team’s ranking from this season.

Following this scheduling system, NC, which finished in 2nd place this season, and Lotte, which finished in 7th, will face each other in the opening game.



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