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Latest Result: Lotte 3 - KIA 6 (August 10)

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NEWS The Giants opening game was postponed due to rain and will be replayed Monday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m.

2014 Exhibition Schedule

March 8 Lotte 5 NC Dinos 1

March 9 Lotte 14 NC Dinos 6

March 11 Lotte 1 Doosan 1

March 12 Lotte vs. Doosan ppd.

​March 15 Lotte 3 Samsung 6

March 16 - Lotte 4 Samsung 3

March 18 - Lotte 6 LG 11

March 19 - Lotte 10 LG 9

March 20 - Lotte 1 KIA 3

March 21 - Lotte 1 KIA 7

March 22 - Lotte 8 Hanwha 13

March 23 - Lotte 2 Hanwha 9

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The Lotte Giants saw a 44% decrease in attendance last year with many fed up fans blaming the corporate owners. Baseball blogger Kim Sang-woo looks into the feasibility of a city councilman’s suggestion of adding a second team.

Lotte Week in Review

Busan has often been referred to as the “Baseball Capital of Korea.” The legends, the stadium, the incidents, and, of course, the fans have all contributed to Busan baseball seeming somewhat exceptional. The local team, founded in 1975, is one of the three remaining charter franchises of the KBO. If you attended any of the great games seen at Sajik Stadium from 2008 to 2011 when the stands were bursting at the seams, you would be hard pressed to disagree that Busan bleeds baseball fever.

But large drops in attendance--including a massive 44% decline in 2013, have some asking whether Busan can still wear the mantle. A lot of this revolves around the fans’ deep dislike of the Giants’ parent company, Lotte; so much so that some are even calling for the addition of a second pro team for Busan.

In January of this year, Busan City Councilman Park Min-shik organized an open forum to debate whether Busan should host a second professional baseball franchise and whether the city should build an indoor stadium. Five panelists were invited to share their ideas and opinions about the topics with about 100 people in attendance—a relatively sizable crowd for a baseball forum. Living up to the reputation of having the most passionate fans in Korea, strong opinions and remarks flew back and forth over the course of the discussion.

Perhaps even more interesting were the results of a survey released by the host councilman during the program. A week prior to the event 1,000 random Busan citizens over the age of 19 were asked a series of questions on the issue.

No Love for Lotte

Leaving aside the obvious results of having a split opinion on both topics, one statistic seen in the accompanying graph illustrates the potential popularity of a second team: less than 1% of Giants fans support their parent company: the Lotte Group. The citizens of Busan are crazy about their Giants, but there is no love for the Lotte corporation. When the floor was opened up to attendees, several expressed their disgust with the company, accusing them of being inconsiderate and having given back very little to the community.

Most Giants fans believe Lotte has been using Busan and the city’s tourist-dollar potential to satisfy their greed, yet has been tight-fisted when it comes to public investment. A local media article published in August added to the fury as Lotte was caught underreporting their advertising revenue from Sajik Stadium.

Forum attendee Park Hap-su echoes the typical sentiment of local fans: "I love the Giants, not Lotte,” says Park. “Lotte just sucks up money from Busan running four department stores, seven hypermarkets, and a hotel. But, they show no generosity for investing for the city, even for their baseball team."

To make things worse, the company has not been very generous in maintaining their players. When their All-Star slugger, Lee Dae-ho, arguably the best player in Korean baseball history, lost his salary arbitration battle after an overwhelming 2010 season, fans were at a complete loss for words. Lee filed for free agency after the 2011 season and left to continue his career in Japan.

Former Giant skipper Jerry Royster was not at a loss for words on Lotte’s shortcomings when he told Haps in an exclusive interview after Lee’s departure for Japan: “They never showed any loyalty to him and in return he shouldn't show any to them. It is their fault that the face of the franchise and the league is leaving.”

Even to young Koreans who are testing the labor market, Lotte is infamous for their low wages and below average benefit packages. This on top of their stingy organizational culture has seen them spend less than 1/3 of fellow major conglomerates on corporate social responsibility (CSR) incenses fans even more.

An expansion team in Busan might seem far-fetched, but both the forum and survey results indicate that this desire for another team grows solely out of the typical baseball fan's wish for a franchise that is fully committed to both the community, and also to its players.  

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Lotte Makes Offseason Moves - March, 2014

The Giants are going to look at little different in 2013
Lotte Giants catcher Kang Min-ho signed a team record 7.5 billion won contract, the biggest in the organization's history. 

The deal will give 1 billion won for 4 years with a 3.5 billion won deposit. 

Kang thanked his team and his passionate fans, vowing to do his best next year. 

The Lotte Giants signed Song Seung-joon, Jang Sung-ho and Kim Seung-hee to contracts. 

Song's contract is worth 360 million won, a 50 million won increase over last season. Jang signed a 140 million won contract, while Kim signed a 120 million won contract. 

Lotte has officially signed all of its players to contracts this year. They will begin their spring training in Arizona and Saipan beginning today, January fourteenth, as planned. 

Lotte Giants side arm pitcher Kim Sung-bae signed a contract with the team worth 190 million won a year, that's an 81 percent increase over last year's contract. 

Kim had 31 saves and 3.05 ERA as Lotte's closer last season. 

Also, Lotte's lefty hold man Lee Myung-woo, who recorded 20 holds and was ranked 4th, signed a 130 million won contract. That represents a 40 million won increase. 

The backup catcher Yong Deuk-han received a contract worth 65 million won, a five million won raise over last year's contract. 

The Giants have 57 players under contract for next year. In total, the team needs 65 players on its roster.

The Lotte Giants signed free agent Choi Jun-suk to a contract yesterday, November 18th. Choi signed the four-year, 3.5 billion won agreement, including a 1.5 billion won deposit, a 400 million won annual salary and a 400 million won option with Lotte. 

Choi played superior ball in the post-season, hitting six home runs and hitting .341. The signing is expected to strengthen Lotte's hitting.

Scouting Report - Luis Jiminez

Jimenez draws mixed reviews from scouts and hasn't received much notice outside of Angels circles. Although not a huge home run hitter, he's got plenty of bat speed, hits lots of doubles (averaging 41 per season over the last three years), and makes contact. I've seen him handle both fastballs and breaking pitches well, and he keeps his strikeout rates low. His main weakness as a hitter is impatience: he's aggressive and seldom draws walks, but even when he lunges at something he usually makes contact.




Team Leaders

Avg: Sohn Ah-seob .363

Home Runs: Jiminez 19

RBIs: Jiminez 65

ERA Oxspring 4.14

Wins: Youman 9

K's: Oxspring 86


Next Home Game

August 12,13

2014 Roster

1 - Jang Sung-ho IF

2 - Cho Sung-hwan 2B

3 - Oh Seung-taek IF

5 - Son Yeon-seok IF

6 - Moon Kyu-hoon IF

7 - Park Joon-seo IF

8 - Jeon Joon-Woo OF

9 - Lim Jong-hyuk IF

10 - Ha Jun-ho OF

12 - Kim Min-ha OF

13 - Hwang Jae-Gyun IF

14 - Kang Young-Sik P

15 - Lee Yeo-sang IF

16 - Park Ki-hyuk IF

17 - Shim Soo-chang P

18 - Kim Dae-woo OF

19 - Hong Sung-min P

20 - Kang Seung-hyun P

21- Song Seung-Jun P

22 - Lee Ji-mo P

24 - Kim Moon-ho OF

25 - Choi Joon-seok IF

26 - Jang Sung-woo C

27 - Yong Deok-han C

28 - Jang Won-Jun P

29 - Na Seung-hyun P

30 - Choi Dae-sung P

31 - Son Ah-Seop OF

32 - Kim Seung-hye P

33- Jung Hoon IF

34 - Lee Yong-hoon P

35 - Lee Myung-woo P

36 - Park Jong-Yoon IF

38 - Chong Tae-hyon P

39 - Hwang Dong-chae OF

41 - Lee Woong-han P

42 - Kim Sa-hoon C

44 - Kim Jun-tae C

45 - Lee Jung-min P

46 - Chris Oxspring P

47 - Kang Min-ho C

48 - Jung Tae-seung P

49Bae Jang-Ho P

51 - Lee Seung-hwa OF

52 - Lee Jae-Gon P

53 - Luis Jiminez IF

54 - Moon Dong-wook P

55 - Kim Sa-yool P

56 - Shin Bon-ki IF

57 - Shin Won-jae OF

59 - Baek Min-gi OF

60 - Lee Chang-jin IF

61 - Heon Jun-Hyeok P

63 - Ko Do-hyeon OF

65 - Lee In-bok P

66 - Hwang Jin-soo IF

67 - Kim Seung-bae P

91 - Lee Sang-hwa P

93 - Cho Hong-seok OF

94 - Shin Kyu-Beom P

95 - Song Joo-eun P

96 - Kim You-young P

97 - Shane Youman P


79 Kim Si-jin



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Built 1985
Capacity 28,500

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