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Local Elections Underway Around the Country

The 6th nationwide local election began simultaneously in 13,600 polling places over the country from 6 am.

The voting is until 6 pm today. And the pickup of ballot boxes and the ballot counting work will start with the closing of the vote. The winner is expected to be announced as early at around 11am tonight.

As the early voting rate which conducted on the 30th and the 31st of last month was higher than expected, the attention of the public is concentrated on whether the total voting rate will be over 60 percent or not.

As there were many election law violation cases and a series of lawsuits between candidates during the local election campaign period in Busan, it seemed the aftermath following the election would be huge.

The number of cases charged with crime by prosecutors and police was up to 72 cases. If the cases under investigation are added, the number of criminal prosecution subjects are expected to increase more.

Busan District Prosecutor’s Office said it caught 65 election law violation and lawsuit cases related with the 6.4 local election and indicted 4 cases among them leaving 60 other cases under investigation.

The number of election law violation cases is expected to be over 100 cases totaling cases under investigation by police and the election committee.

Source: Busan eFM News




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