Liquid Arts Open Mic and Workshop Slated for this Saturday Night


The 5th installment of Liquid Arts Open Mic and Workshop is taking place this Saturday night at the Vinyl Underground in Kyungsung.

What is the Liquid Arts Open Mic & Workshop?

It’s essentially an open stage for all comers in spoken word, literary works, theater, physical theater, music, comedy, film, visual art, whatever goes, etc. at the Vinyl Underground in the Kyungsung University area.

The event gets underway at 9 p.m.

The event is an open mic & workshop. This open mic event looks for the following:

1. Aspiring performers who have very little or no stage experience.
2. Performers who are new to Korea but who have not had a chance to be on stage & introduce their talents to the community.
3. Veteran Busan performers who are unable to attend the other weeknight open mics in Busan.
4. Veteran performers seeking to present raw material or branch out into other genres.
5. Performers looking to create collaborative work either within a particular discipline like co-songwriting or across disciplines like theater & music or poetry & music or music & dance. Whatever. All good.
6. Theater folks who have an upcoming performance & would like to do a live rehearsal of a particular scene.

Performers are free to show up whenever and there will be no official online sign up. Stage time is officially secured once a performer shows up.

Performers are encouraged to seek critiques & engage in conversations; those who witness the performances are free to offer critiques.

For this event, Kristian Hart will be preparing an “Improv Bag” and will include some improve theatrics sporadically throughout the event. Anyone may participate in this aspect of the event!

An audience is welcome to attend, of course, so if you are interested in the arts, or becoming part of the arts community then this is a great networking event for you.



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