Kyungsung/Pukyoung Area Under Investigation for Illegal Bars


A recent report about illegal bar operations in the Kyungsung and Pukyoung University district is causing a stir in the Korean media.

The illegal bars, which have registered as restaurants and are illegally selling alcohol, are accused of being fronts for students working as hostesses.

An investigative report by the Busan Ilbo explained that the many bar flyers being distributed in the area are for these kind of clubs which serve main dishes though also with beer or whisky, which is against the businesses license.

According to the article, Korean job sites have restaurants in the area which are advertising for young girls to work part-time and to wear “short skirts”.

Entertainment establishments are not allowed to be operated within 200 meters of an educational facility.

There are supposedly 20 bars in the KSU/Pukyoung area which are currently operating illegally according to the local district office.



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