KSU English

Freshman/Sophomore English – 2017


March 1 NEW


25% Comprehension – Students understand the content of the question being asked and answer appropriately and in a timely manner.

25% – Pronunciation and Grammar – Students answer the question fluently and use the correct grammar form of verbs. Answers are using vocabulary and ideas from the book and that have been studied in class.

50% – Content – Students will be assessed by length of answer (how long they speak), building ideas from the questions asked, vocabulary based from the book and at a university level, fluency, length of conversation with their partner, and attitude. Students will be placed into “meets high expectations”, “meets expectations” and “performs below expectations” based on their performance.

March 1, 2017

Here is the grading scheme for the class. Your final score will put you into this level for next semester.

PS Pass (Superior) 95~100

PA Pass (Advanced) 80~94

P Pass 60~79

N Non-Pass under 60

March 1, 2017 NEW!

Your homework assignment due for Monday or Tuesday’s class.

On A4 paper and must be typed.

1. Your Name

2. Student Number

3. Email

4. Year – Sophomore

5. Major

6. Hobbies

7. English Ability – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

8. Introduce Yourself – 5 sentences


Freshman/Sophomore English Syllabus

Spring 2017

Professor:  Jeff Liebsch M’€™ED.

Course Description: This class is a continuation of communicative English. It covers the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as improving pronunciation and building vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on not only the textbook but from handouts and other class materials.

Class Objectives: By the end of this class students should be able to do the following:

–  Express and communicate personal information at a high level.

–  Understand and use grammar structures from the textbook.

–  Have a better understanding of Western culture.

Textbooks: Practical English Conversation 2 – Student Book  13,000 won

Evaluations: Grades are based on students’ performance on a variety of tasks, and the maximum possible score is 100% (A+). This total score will be comprised of the following:

Attendance 20%

Participation/Homework  30%

Midterm Exam (Speaking)  25%

Oral Interview (Final)   25%

Participation: All homework, quizzes, assignments, oral presentations, and exams in short, anything will be graded and make up part of your class participation grade. You must participate in class. You are not participating if you are talking to a neighbor, doing homework, daydreaming, or not doing what the rest of the class is doing. If you are working in a group or with a partner, you must talk to your group members or partner and be a part of the group.

Attendance: A deduction of 1% will be applied to any absence which occurs without the permission of your professor. Any student who is absent from 8 classes, without permission, will automatically receive a final mark of €œF.€ You must come to class on the first day of class!

Mid-term and Final Exam: The mid-term and final exam for this course will consist of the materials covered in class and an oral interview based on the units covered in the textbook. Subject in the lesson plan is subject to change.

Lesson Plan  

Week 1 –  Introduction and Unit 1

Week 2 – Unit 2

Week 3 –  Unit 3

Week 4 –  Unit 4

Week 5 – Unit 5

Week 6 – Unit 6

Week 7 –  Unit 7 €“ Review

Week 8 –  (Mid-Term)

Week 9 –  Unit 8

Week 10 –  Unit 9

Week 11 – Unit 10

Week 12 – Unit 11

Week 13 – Unit 12

Week 14 – Review

Week 15 – Oral Interview (Final Exam)

Instructor Information

Professor: Mr. Jeffery D. Liebsch

Office: Building 5 Room 515

Email Address: chevhaps@gmail.com

Webpage: www.busanhaps.com/kyungsung

 All students MUST have a textbook by Week 2.


Weekly video to practice your English