Korean’s Banning Themselves from the Casino on the Rise


The number of Korean’s who have banned themselves from Kangwon Land Casino in Gangwon-do is on the rise.

Nearly 4,500 people banned themselves last year — nearly doubling 2012 totals — after the casino had began initiatives to curb gambling addiction.

Player’s can request up to a three-year ban up to three times, after which they will be indefinitely banned from the casino. Players will be given 100,000 won to return back home.

According to Korea Bizwire, another program introduced by the casino earlier this year is similar to the last policy – limiting the number of days of access from one to 14 days per month. But unlike the former measure, it cannot be lifted or readjusted, and program participants are granted up to 500,000 won in incentives.

Officials said that the program, which is currently running as a pilot project, had 164 participants as of April 10.

Kangwon Land, the only casino where locals can gamble, was established in 1998 and rakes in nearly $1.5 billion a year.



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