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Korean Tourist Shot and Killed While Visiting Angeles City in the Philippines


A Korean tourist walking back to his hotel was fatally shot in the Philippines amid growing concerns about the safety of Korean travelers abroad.

The incident marks the first time a Korean tourist – as opposed to a resident – was murdered in the Philippines.

According to the Korean embassy in Manila, 65-year-old Heo Tae-suk was shot in Angeles City, north of Manila, around 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday. Reports say that Heo was heading out of his hotel with three co-workers when they were tailed by two unidentified people on a motorcycle.

One of the motorcyclists fired multiple times at Heo’s group with a 9-millimeter pistol. Heo was said to have died on the spot while his co-workers avoided any serious injury.

Heo and a group of his co-workers arrived in the Philippines on Saturday and spent the day touring Angeles City. The group had been scheduled to return to Korea that same day..

Officials have not revealed if the assailants were captured.

Nearly 1.2 million Koreans are estimated to have visited the Philippines 2013, an increase from around one million in 2012.

Last year, 13 Koreans – mostly business owners – were killed in the Philippines, and there were several attempted murders as well. According to officials, random shootings are uncommon in the Philippines, with crimes usually involve robbery or are related to some kind of business disputes.

According to Korean government there are about 100,000 Koreans residing in the Philippines.

More than 1.16 million Koreans are estimated to have visited the Philippines last year, an increase from around one million in 2012.



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