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Korea has World’s 14th Priciest Airfare, but Buses are Cheap

A new study says that as long as you’re on the ground, getting around Korea is relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the world. But as soon as you take to the air, it’s a different story.

According to Berlin-based GoEuro’s transportation price index of 51 countries, airfares in South Korea rank as the 14th most expensive in the world.

While the study found that airfare in Korea, at $40.73 per 100km, was cheaper than neighboring Japan ($56.39), it was twice as much as China ($20.06) and monumentally more expensive than the United States, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and India, who all ranked as the world’s cheapest places to fly.

Airfares in India are so low in fact, that it is now cheaper to travel by air than to take the train. –a 100-kilometer train journey costs $11.31 while travel by air will run you an average of $10.36 for the same distance. Go, figure.

The index did not account for wage differences in each country studied, which affects how big a dent is put in the wallet of travelers based on their locale.

Worlds cheapest airfare

On a more positive note for Korea, it did rank as one of the cheapest places to travel by bus, ranking 7th in the world. For train travel, the numbers ranked in the upper-range at 36th overall.

Korea train bus

 Train Fare Ranking Bus Fare Ranking
Cheapest train fairs worldwide Cheapest Bus fairs worldwide


When averaging the overall transportation costs of train fare, bus fare and airfare, Korea fell squarely in the middle of the pack, ranking 24th. South Africa came in as the cheapest country to get around in and Switzerland as the most expensive –an odd fact, considering it is so small.


Transportation Costs by country

Visit the GoEuro website for more stats on travel around the world.




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