Photo Essay: Ice Fishing Gangwon-do




The ice, more than a foot (30cm) thick, took considerable time to hack through. Some people brought power tools to move the process along.

Some people brought tents to shelter themselves from the wind and cold.

Waiting for a bite.

Children played with a Siberian Husky on the ice.

This family brought a portable grill to cook dwegi kalbi out on the lake.

Parents bundled their children up tightly to keep them warm in sub-zero temperatures.

This man set up his fishing operation on the edge of the ‘danger zone.’ Some people ventured out further.

A local couple had perhaps the best catch of the day, keeping several dozen Bing-au, or ‘ice fish,’ alive in shallow pool they had dug in the ice.

Mindful of the necessities.

Some people spent their time ice sledding on the area of the lake cleared of snow.

The expansive natural beauty of Gangwon-do

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