Killer Whale and Her Calf Spotted off the Coast of Korea

Photo courtesy of the National Institute of Fisheries Science

A female killer whale and her calf were spotted off the southeastern coast of Korea. The pair were swimming in waters off Uljin, North Gyeongsang Province, Wednesday, according to a spokesman for the National Institute of Fisheries Science.

The institute added that the last time a mother and calf were spotted in Korean waters was off Hong Island, South Jeolla Province back in 2001. There was also a sighting of a male and female off Uljin in 2015.

“It is a positive sign in terms of species diversity if killer whales are living in our waters,” Choi Young-min, a whale researcher, said. “We are going to continue observing whales off the coasts of our country to grasp the exact number of species and whales and conduct research on the whales for their protection.”

The whales are suspected to have come south from the Sea of Okhotsk, in pursuit of seals and dolphins, the institute said.




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