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KBO Featured on CJ HelloVision TVing

With the expansion of KBO, this is the first year that 10 teams will vie for the crown, and you can see them all through CJ HelloVision TVing – which allows you to view a wide selection of content on your mobile device, PC or TV. Just plug in your TVing Stick and access video-on-demand content, TV and apps exclusively for smartphones and personal computers.

Also stepping up to the plate is the new, exclusive easy-to-navigate menu, which allows users to quickly access and move around the interface. The service is available on both PC and mobile in high-definition quality – and it’s all free for TVing subscribers.

You can also enjoy the game on a popup screen within the app. This great feature allows you to multitask while you’re watching. If the boss is around and you still want to catch the action, you can just listen to the game with audio only.

Along with having easy access to game schedules, you can watch highlights from the broadcast anytime after the game.

Starting May 1, try to predict the score of the game, and you can win a variety of different gifts and prizes – so take your best shot at guessing the score!

CJ HelloVision spokesperson Jeong Ji-hyun said, “TVing has been bringing baseball to people every year, but this is the first year that Korea has 10 teams, so we’ll do our best to help fans enjoy all the games.”

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