Juiceboxxx at The Basement



    BUSAN, South Korea – This Friday, SuperColorSuper further cements their status as the providers of international-acts-worth-seeing, when they bring Milwaukee-born rapper, JUICEBOXXX, to the Basement in PNU.

    JUICEBOXXX, now 23, has been touring and making rhymes since he was 15. He’s collaborated with hipster ear candy acts like Japanther, Spankrock, and Teengirl Fantasy (who recently tore the roof off Vinyl Underground opening for the Handsome Furs) and spent the early part of 2010 touring with Public Enemy.  

    During the tour, Chuck D, famously referred to him as, ‘the Buddy Holly of hip hop.’ It’s not clear what that means exactly, but it certainly seems to be high praise from one of rap’s pioneers.  

    He’s played SXSW four years in a row, toured Europe, all of North America, and recently finished a well-hyped stint in Japan. Despite being notoriously difficult to please, music bloggers seem to love him and he’s been featured on the Onion’s AV Club website.

    JUICEBOXXX’s sound is a thick stew of 90’s anthemic hip hop, house rhythms, ironic samples and Casio-synth riffs. His lyrics are boldly frank, sometimes lacking in depth, but always refreshingly unpretentious–think Andrew WK writing rhymes for the Beastie Boys and The Crystal Method producing the beats. A very tasty combination yes, but what sets JUICEBOXXX apart from today’s underground crowd of geeky and ironic white rappers is his intensity.

    Perhaps the reason he is such a darling of the blogosphere is his spaztastic live shows. The Village Voice once observed that he ‘got a motionless crowd of 40 or 50 weekday-weary kids to freak out.’ JUICEBOXXX taps some unknown spring of suburban white-boy rage and lays it all out in his performances. His energy is infectious, and best of all, he provokes the crowd into a frenzy without props, fancy lighting effects or sometimes even, clothes.  

    Any a-hole can writhe and jerk around onstage, yet audiences seem to respond to JUICEBOXXX’s sincerity. He truly believes in his art. When he’s not possessed in the throes of rhyme, he straddles the line between relevance and obscurity with babbling, prophetic blurbs of 23-year-old idealistic ‘wisdom.’

    “Listen, life is a marathon and not a sprint,” he spat in a recent interview. “Don’t start a bullshit band if you don’t wanna. Let’s all be magnificent failures together!”

    The Basement is truly the type of intimate venue that will provide JUICEBOXXX the foundation he needs to build an unforgettable show this Friday. You can go nuts with him on stage, or observe the chaos from the balcony above.  

    One thing is for sure: this won’t be one of those shows solely attended by holier-than-thou hipsters, stoically bobbing their beards to noise only they can appreciate. On the contrary, Friday night in PNU promises to kick your weekend off with a bit of weird insanity and ferocious fun.

    The show is Friday Nvember 5th at The Basement in PNU.

    Opening will be MC KEY & Nappy J (Aurage crew), FUSION , Dj Harper and DJ EAZY spinning late nite

    TICKETS 9,000 at the door and one free drink.

    For more info check out the Facebook event page here.




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