Japanese Tourists Banned From Dokdo


    A ferry operator which takes tourists from Gangneung to Dokdo has banned Japanese tourists from making any trips to Dokdo. Seaspovill Co., an operator of a regular ferry service to the disputed island, announced that until Japan changes their stance about laying claim to the island, they will no longer permit Japanese nationals to board the ferry.

    This is the latest move in tensions between the two countries, where their relations have worsened in recent weeks. Three Japanese lawmakers were banned from entering the country this past week, as South Korean officials and citizens felt that it was an attempt at another invasion. South Korea has controlled the islands since 1953.

    The ferries affected depart from Gangneung on South Korea's east coast to Ulleung Island and the easternmost islets of Dokdo. Ulleung has also suggested that all foreigners, regardless of nationality, should register their purpose of visit to the island, in an attempt to protect its sovereignty.



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