The Japanese Invasion of Joseon in 1592

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Busan Museum – Special Exhibition 2012
The Japanese Invasion of Joseon in 1592

? Period: June 5 – July 29, 2012
? Venue: Busan Museum
? Opening Hours: 9 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)
? Free admission
? For more info.: 051)610-7145

Exhibition will showcase about 200 relics, tangible cultural assets, and treasures

Yichungmugong nanjungilgi bu seogancheop imjinjangcho(War diary,letter file and draft copies of war report of Admiral Yi Sunsin) – National Treasures No. 76

Royal Citation for Yi Sun-sin for Meritorious Military Service (Treasure No. 1564)
Busanjinsunjeoldo(Painting of defense of Busanjin Fortress) (Treasure No. 391)

Dongnaebusunjeoldo(Dongnaebu painting of defense of Dongnae Fortress) (Treasure No. 392)



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