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Invitation to a ‘Chinese Traditional Performance’ by a Shanghai troupe, October 21-22

BUSAN, South Korea – A troupe from Shanghai, China, is visiting Busan to give a Chinese traditional folk dance performance. The first performance will be on October 21, at the Culture Hall in Shinsegae Department Store, Centum City, and is free to all. This performance has been arranged to improve cultural exchanges between Busan and Shanghai, which is one of Busan's sister cities. Also, on October 22, they will perform at the '2011 Global Gathering' in the APEC Naru Park. The troupe is from a Shanghai Theatre Academy, and they performed in Busan in May last year. A total of 27 performers will visit Korea this time. You can refer to the BIFA website ( for more details of the event.

(Inquiries) 051) 668-7915





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