International Travel: My Time in Coron


When I first stepped out into Busuanga’s airport in Coron, Palawan, I immediately felt like I was in the movie The Beach and Leonardo DiCaprio would soon pop out somewhere. It has this very natural, commune feeling that I didn’t get when I went to Boracay, Cebu, Bohol or any other tourist destination in the Philippines.

Here are some tips on great places to go there.

Where to go:

Maquinit Hot Springs

It’s like entering a magical forest with baths. There are two huge basin-like areas with continuous water flowing in. You have a great view of the ocean, surrounded by mangroves. There is also a lovely path leading to the area with spots you can just sit and enjoy the view.

Banol Beach

Fancy having your own private beach? Banol Beach is a pocket beach; it’s small and private. Accessible only by boat, it’s best to visit when the sun is setting, as it is an incredibly beautiful scene to behold. And, if you’re with someone special, it’s wonderfully romantic.

Kayangan and Barracuda Lake

The water is clear and the scenery is simply gorgeous. Plan a whole day taking it in or maybe a lifetime. I am not a great photographer, but one thing I found here is that every picture I took looked just like a professional postcard. It’s that lovely.


Where to stay:

There are several options available. My friends and I stayed in Coron Westown Resort. It’s not five stars, so don’t expect to be treated like royalty. But the rooms, the restaurant and the pool area are all decent enough to be considered three stars.

Where to eat:

Have a meal at Kawayanan Grill, Lolo Nonoy’s Station and Kapemos. They all serve great-tasting food, and they’re not as expensive and pricey as the hotel.

There are so many things to consider when going to Coron. And while more and more people are discovering its incredible natural beauty and charming seaside culture, it still maintains that idyllic setting that makes it a worthy destination on your travel itinerary.

By: Geninna Ariton

Photos: Wikimedia



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