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Igidae Park Named ‘Best for Exercise’


Igidae Park in Yongho-dong was found the be the best park for health benefits in the city.

The Busan Public Health Environment Research Institute conducted research of bioactive substances, known as phytoncides, in five Busan-based urban parks which have large green areas with easy public access during May and June this year. Parks included in the study were Geumgang Park, Daecheon Park, Igidae Park, Taejongdae and Daeshin Park. According to the research, levels of several components of phytoncides such as Pinene, Camphene, Limonene and Vinyl acetate ranged from 182~825 pptv.

The results of the research show that the concentration of phytoncides in the air in the parks are similar or higher compared with other recreational forests (161.5~5,578.7 pptv), urban parks and walking paths in Seoul (ND~889.8 pptv).

The current research was conducted on two or three resting areas along walkways and trails in the parks. The average concentration of phytoncides in the parks is: 317 pptv in Geumgang Park, 182 pptv in Daecheon Park, 825 pptv in Igidae, 663 pptv in Daeshin Park and 784 pptv in Taejongdae.

Igidae, Taejongdae and Daeshin Parks showed concentration levels of phytoncides at 500 pptv or higher with the highest figures among the areas tested coming from the coastal walk in Igidae which measured at 1,110 pptv.

The results show that the average concentration of phytoncides is higher in sections rather than at particular points. Therefore, to get the full benefit of your time outside, a stroll through the woods is better than staying in one spot and resting.

The City of Busan plans to conduct the research at the same five parks again during August and September. The results will be posted on the city website.

Source: Busan City News



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