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HOT HALLOWEEN at Billie Jean! Friday 28th October from 10pm until ….everybody falls over drunk!

Halloween Friday's BIG PARTY is here at Billie Jean! Full pumping DJ set, dark spooky setting, Halloween Cocktail Specials:
Blood Shots – 2000
The Frankenstein – 5000 (Green, Strong and will make you Stupid!)
The Dracula – 5000 (Blood Red with a Sharp Bite that will send a Chill down your spine!)

5 (FIVE!) Categories of PRIZES for best costumes :

1. SCARY!!!
This one is for the Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Witches, Zombies, Vampires and all manner of generally Monsterous folk who like to add some real horror to their Halloween look.

2. SEXY!!!
Wicked Witches, Saucy Sorceresses (try saying that after 10 shots of Jaeger!), Cheerleaders, Tomb Raiders, Vamps, Tarts and all the Ladies of the Night! Come on, it's Halloween – what better excuse to dress sexy?!

3. SILLY!!!
Idiots, lazy costume makers, last minute wardrobe raiders – think outside the box, get stupid, get retarded, just make us laugh and you could walk away with a bottle of super-stupid-strength liquor to finish off your last few remaining brain cells!

4. SWEET!!!
Angels, Elves, Pixies, Princesses and the fairest of Fairies, adorn your beautiful selves in cute sparkly tutus, whispy wings or anything that's fluffy and pink and not the least bit scary. Be colourful, pretty and gay (in the old fashioned sense of the word!).

In reverence to your University Degree education we want to give you the opportunity to use that redundant grey matter that sits betweens your ears and doesn't get used when teaching your own basic language, or when desk-warming, watching YouTube clips and checking your facebook account!
So come on, think, think, think! Be original, make a pun-tastic costume that's smart, witty and ironic. Puzzle the crowd, make them groan or go "Oh yeah, I get it now!" Be the smartest kid in the class and you could show off the bottle of liquor you won :)

Each winner gets to choose a bottle of spirits from the top shelf:
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Absolut Vodka – any flavour
Bacardi Rum
Bombay Gin
Tanqueray Gin
Jameson Whiskey
Southern Comfort or
Jim Beam

or, if you're a beer chugger you could choose to have 12 (yep, a full dirty dozen!) bottles of any beer we stock:
Hite D
San Miguel
KGB (only for pussies and posers!)

Costume Parade starts on stage at Midnight and will conclude before the end of the witching hour.
Come early and register for the category of your choice – no registration, no parade we're afraid :( Registration will close at 11.45pm


Well, as we are called Billie Jean and the ghost of Michael Jackson is said to haunt our building (would we lie to you?!….well yeah ok, stretching the truth just a wee little bit – but all in a good cause!) we will give the first drink FREE to anyone in a Michael Jackson costume…no, f*ck it, we'll give you THREE FREE DRINKS if you can find a sparkly white glove, white socks, dancing shoes and fedora hat, or any other kind of Whacko Jacko outfit that tickles your fancy! Wear it and get your night started with THREE FREE DRINKS!

Billie Jean – you can't Beat It, we're Bad,it's gonna be a Thriller! We'll be Working Day and Night so that you Don't Stop til You Get Enough, let's Burn This Disco Down….sorry, I Can't Help It….it's all getting a little bit Off The Wall now :/

Anyway, we plan to make your Halloween weekend start off with a great party, lots of fun, banging music and all night dancing. It would be great to see you here, hope you can make it.

Love and respect 


The Billie Jean Family



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