Hosanna International Ministry

    Gugak Center

    Hosanna International Ministry Worship Service Time: 

    Sunday at 12:30 PM at Hosanna Church in Hadan.


    Pastor Dahm Son (010-3526-5017)

    Dominic Bothello (010-3093-0660)

    Email: him.busan@gmail.com

    Visit us on the web! him.hosanna21.com

    Join us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/him.busan

    Directions to Hosanna International Ministry:

    Take a bus or subway line No.1 to the Hadan station (#102). Take exit #1 or #3.  
    Look for the Hadan Fire Station and Icebean Coffee Shop. Follow the road in between them.
    Go 2 blocks to the first building, Hosanna Church. Go through the church lobby to the elevator.
    We meet on the 6th floor