Hop on a Bike to Find Hidden Tales

The Ibagu Bike Tour is catching on among tourists, as it takes passengers to the historical and culture-packed Choryang-dong area in Busan. Pictured above is the Ibagu Bike passing by the Yu Chi-hwan Post Box.

Ibagu-gil in Choryang-dong, Busan, is filled with modern Korean history. 

The Ibagu Bike Tour, where you can ride around the area and listen to interesting stories, is currently trending.

The word “ibagu” means “story” in Gyeongsang-do dialect.

The Ibagu Bike Tour is a program where participants can enjoy an exhilarating ride while listening to engaging stories about Busan and its history.

Local and foreign tourists can take a trip on an electronic tricycle operated by storytellers and check out the Chinatown in Choryang-dong and Sanbokdoro (mountainside road) areas.

While the storytelling experience is not yet available in English, a translation service will soon be offered in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Sanbokdoro is challenging for tourists to get around due to the narrow alleys and steep mountain hills. In a bid to overcome this, electronic bikes were introduced.

The tour is catching on among tourists since they feel as if they are on a wagon and can take in an unhindered view of Busan. Tourists can also stop at the city’s historic places and listen to anecdotes from the bike operators.

The tour starts from the ticket booth in the Busan Station’s square and makes stops at Busan’s tourist attractions.

They include the city’s very first modern hospital, Baekje Hospital; the city’s first warehouse, Namseon Warehouse; the 168 Stairs that lead to Sanbokdoro; and Yu Chi-hwan Post Box, which overlooks Busan Port.

Tourists visiting Ibagu-gil exclaimed that it is amazing how a part of history was turned into a tourism product. “The idea is brilliant,” said one visitor from Japan. “It is even more intriguing since the area is actually inhabited by villagers.”

The fee is 10,000 won ($9) for adults and 7,000 won for elementary school students. The tour starts every hour on the hour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and takes about an hour. For more information: (070) 8224-0122, Homepage (2bagu.co.kr)

Source: Busan City News

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