Schedule for this Sunday’s Holi Hai Festival in Haeundae


Here is the schedule for the Holi Hai Festival this Sunday according to their website.

Date : 19 March 2017, Sunday

Dress Code : Wear White

8:45 AM – Gather at Haeundae, Beach in the Festival area. This is in the center of the beach, just opposite to Haeundae Glory Condo Hotel, see attached location map.

9:00 AM – Issue Holi Colors, Holi Caps, Snacks (Samosa) to paid registered participants. Please visit to the assigned coupon distribution desk according to your ticket number as per following;

(Please Note, above Holi Playing Kit will be issued only 9.00 AM to 11.30 AM, If you came come late then organizing committee will not be responsible)

11:40 AM – Introduction

12:00 PM Start Holi Celebrations with Dry colors & Loud Bollywood Music. First countdown will takes place at 12 PM when people can release and throw their powder.

12:30 PM – Face Painting colors are provided (free of charge)

13:00 PM – 2nd Color throwing countdown

13:30 PM – Indian Bollywood Dance celebrations

14:00 PM – Final Color throwing countdown

14.15 PM – Indian Bollywood Dance celebrations

14.45 PM – Cleaning, (your cooperation to keep the beach clean will be highly appreciated)



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